The Ultimate Convenience East Boston is the latest place that everyone wants to call home. The Porter 156 Building in particular has changed how the urban dweller feels about this historical but overlooked neighborhood in the Boston Real Estate Scene. 

Until now, East Boston has always been associated with the airport and not much else, but times have certainly changed. This project was the beginning of a whole new place. Its close proximity to the city is a commuter’s dream. If you drive it only costs residents forty cents to take the tunnels to connect to all the major highways in a matter of minutes. If you take public transportation, the brand-new Blue Line is literally in your backyard (a nice walk thru the park) and only two stops to the Financial District. A commute does not get any better than that. The Maverick Square Blue Line is also close by, within a ten-minute walk. If you travel for work, the proximity to Logan Airport is ultimate. A four to five-minute walk and you are at the beginning of your destination. To address any myths or concerns about East Boston being too close to the Airport, that is the beauty of Porter 156. It is so close to the airport that it is not impacted by the flight paths, so consequently there is very little airport noise. It sounds hard to believe, but it’s that peaceful. That’s great news and the end of any airport travel hassles. There are two water taxi companies that provide quick and easy trips to Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, TD Garden, the New England Aquarium, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston Harbor Hotel, the World Trade Center and many more locations.

There are several Squares in East Boston and all of them offer a number of retail shops, making it a very easy walking neighborhood. Whether you like the neighborhood market or full-scale shopping at Liberty Plaza, there truly are conveniences at every turn.

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