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Porter 156 is the latest place that everyone wants to call home. This former bra factory was converted into 216 loft condominiums in late 2005. Residents moved into their new lofts and by utilizing the openness and rawness of the spaces they created fabulous and unique homes. They have formed a tight community within the building and have truly enjoyed being part of this monumental and exciting development, which was the first of its kind in East Boston. In a very short time, the owners have made great additions and improvements to this community and the result is a very desirable, meticulously maintained, well operated and financially stable loft building in a convenient and exciting location!

Come and discover why everyone is saying that Porter 156 is a smart place to invest……..an even better place to live!

Terrific Lofts for Sale:

Since all of the developer’s original units have sold, the lofts that are now available consist of some outstanding spaces that have been well cared for and have had some amazing transformations. It is fun and interesting to see how each owner took a virtual shell and created a practical and well designed loft, resulting in a wonderful space to call home. Having a tour of the variety of lofts available is truly the best way to discover what you like best and what type of home will be the right choice for you.

The Time is Right for East Boston:

Timing can be everything. If you are trying to time the real estate market so that you buy when prices are at their lowest, yet you are also trying to predict and determine which neighborhood will be Boston’s next hottest spot, then your timing is perfect today for East Boston. It is early in the development of this latest and greatest neighborhood, so buying here is the smart move right now, but only for a short period of time. Porter 156 is the first major development project in the neighborhood, and some other great projects have followed the trend. Savvy buyers and developers are quickly catching on, so buying here now is the only way to ensure being a part of the initial development of East Boston before it really takes off. The future of the East Boston Waterfront, just blocks away, is still in the planning process so buying now just makes sense.
We have all watched Boston’s various neighborhoods continue to grow and develop to the point where they are no longer affordable. Don’t let that happen with one of the only remaining Boston neighborhoods to emerge without being a part of it. The neighborhood is just starting to change, so Porter 156 offers you a unique opportunity to get in early and watch it evolve around you.


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