Although East Boston was annexed by the City of Boston in 1636, it was not an area that was heavily settled because transportation to the island was extremely difficult. It was not until the 1830’s when the Eastern Railroad and ferry service was established that people began to settle in East Boston.

Throughout the mid 1800’s it became a community where immigrants first came. It began with the Irish and the Canadians and then the Russian Jews. By 1925, the Italians had immigrated to East Boston in great numbers and today much of East Boston is considered the second “Little Italy” next to the North End. The Italians were joined by Southeast Asians and most recently Central and Southern Americans. This results in a diverse community that offers authentic restaurants ranging from some of the city’s best Italian, Mexican and Seafood eateries.

With the recent development in the area, trendier restaurants have also already started to emerge, and the result is great food at an affordable price! There are several Squares in East Boston and all of them offer a number of retail shops, making it a very easy walking neighborhood. A brand new YMCA is located around the corner from Porter 156 and offers all the best gym equipment, and exercise classes. Membership is low compared to other city fitness centers and the convenience cannot be beat.